Laci (lacipants) wrote in os_ljers,

Josette's seeking employee

Is anybody interested in taking a full-time position at Josette's costume shop in Biloxi starting in mid-May (or preferably earlier)? I'm moving to New Orleans over the summer, and I've been asked by Mrs. Josette to seek out someone to replace me. It's an absolutely fantastic job, very lenient, flexible, magical, and enjoyable, with excellent co-workers. The position you'd be filling is somewhat of a costume sales associate, for lack of a better term. Assisting customers in finding and putting together costumes is the main portion of the job, as well as maintaining the general order of the many, many costumes and organizing them. The store's hours of business are 10-6 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and 10-5 Saturdays (closed Wednesdays and Sundays). A long-term, full-time employee is desired, although I'm sure she'd be willing to work around things like school. She started me out at $6.50/hr and pay is weekly. Please respond if you or someone you know is interested, so I can let her know and get you in to talk to her ASAP. Thanks!
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Hey, Laci...I'm interested.
I'm interested. I'll be free once I get home from 1 May to mid-August.
I'm interested, but I'd have to switch to part time when school's in.


January 29 2009, 17:37:31 UTC 9 years ago

I would be interested except did you know that you arent even getting paid the state minimum wage? In 2008 it was 6.55 an hour July this year it will be 7.25 an hour, I know this being an employer myself and that pay for those hours is preety sad.